Vacation Spot of Philippines - Samal Island

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Vacation Spot of Philippines - Samal Island One of the most beautiful vacation spot of the Philippines is the Samal Island which gives infinite attraction with its white-sand beaches, thick mangroves, coral reefs, rolling hills and rock formations.It is an archipelago of nine islands located in the Davao Gulf about 700 meters south of Davao City. An ideal model for resort and development, Samal Island provides a fabulous site for sunrise and sunset.

Mindanao Philippines is one of the calm in terms of the climate and the area almost cover with big mountain around which is most of the people enjoys the relatively calm of the weather.The Samal island coastline is characterized by tall, swaying coconut trees, white sand beaches, rock formations, mangroves, coral reefs, and small fishing villages, all suggestive of a tropical island paradise.

The Samal Island almost covered all the beaches areas with white sand, with widths changeable from only a few meters to more than 10 meters. The Island provides ample space for picnic huts, reclining chairs for sun bathing, or for simply relaxing and enjoying the tropical scenery.

Among its popular attractions are the Aguinaldo Pearl Farm, the caves of Talikud Island, the White Stone Mountain, and the San Jose Muslim Fishing Village.

Throughout the coastline of this island the water crystallize clear within. The Island change in terrain from gently sloping sand beaches to steep cliffs and rock formations. The colors of the coastline at the beach areas transforms itself from the green lush vegetation of coconut trees, to the white sandy beaches, to the dark blue color of the sea, with its deep waters and coral reefs...


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